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My name is Phuong Dao and I am a Furniture Designer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

I prefer to keep the balance between artistic works and manufacture; how to use design as a main factor in mass production.

The more I go, the more I want to contribute to my career and to nurture the creativity of creating useful things for my community and the nature. Life is a journey, and such I am pursuing my dream to become an entrepreneur in the furniture industry, and to design lovely and environmentally friendly products.

PhuongDao Potrait.jpg

I believe product design with industrialization makes a huge impact on the environment, economy and society. According to UNICEF, Vietnam is one of the sixth most vulnerable countries to climate change, with children and women particularly at risk.

As a designer, that problem reminds me that I need to do something to make a change for a better environment and community through my working contribution.

For me, designers play an important role in any industry because we have the ability to bring creativity, becoming a motivation for innovation in the production process and technique. Building a sustainable business system with good designs and friendly material is my entire focus in the future.


2013 - 2017: Van Lang University

Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design

2010 - 2013: Gia Dinh High School

High School Diploma


Furniture Design 

Product Development


Dec 2021: TOP25+5 Design with the Cà Ràng/ Designed by Vietnam Contest Exhibition - Vietnam Design Week 2021

Oct 2020: 2nd prize with Float Sideboard/ Category Experienced Designer/ Moho.Lab Furniture Design Competition


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